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Visit the beautiful Balchik. It is a town with steep cobbled lanes, surrounded by quaint white cottages with terracotta-tiled roofs.

Back in the days, an early Roman town, which was closer to the shoreline, was unfortunately wiped out by a tidal wave. The wave was probably caused by an earthquake on an Aegean or Turkish fault line. From the ruins, a 'new' Balchik was rebuilt at a higher elevation in the 7th century AD. The town was annexed by Romania in 1913 and returned to Bulgarian sovereignty in 1940.

What was left of the Romanian occupation was the greatest landmark of Balchik — the Summer Palace of Queen Marie, constructed in 1924. This palace was the former summer residence of the Romanian Queen Maria (1875-1938).

Another beautiful place to visit is the Botanical Garden of Balchik, established in 1955. Today, this Botanical Garden accommodates collections with over 3500 various plant species and spreads over 190,000 m² of land.

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