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Plovdiv is called the European capital of Culture in 2019, and with a reason! You can enjoy a walking tour of the Old Quarter of the town, where you can be enchanted by its cobbled streets lined with charming houses from the old period. Enjoy Roman ruins over Thracian foundations, quaint cafes, modern art galleries, handmade souvenir shops and many more. You can visit the “St. Constantine and Helena” church, which dates back to the 4th century. There you can see remarkable murals and icons painted by the Bulgarian icon painter Zahari Zograf. Experience walking through the emblematic Kapana Quarter and its labyrinth of tiny streets with over 1000 craft shops since the 17th century.

Until recently, these shops were the trading heart of the city, but nowadays the artistic quarter is used for many cultural festivals. You can have some leisure time in downtown Plovdiv and later visit the Monument of the Soviet Army, which represents a Russian soldier, called Alyosha by locals. This monument stands on one of Plovdiv's hills and allows for visitors to witness a spectacular panorama over the city and the Rhodope Mountain.
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