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If you are wondering what to do, why not visit the ancient town of Sozopol. It is a charming old town and a true highlight of the coast. With marvelous cobbled streets and beautiful traditional wooden houses, who are huddled together on narrow streets, it enchants its visitors. Relics of St. John the Baptist, which were recently found by archaeologists, are stored in this town. Here you have the opportunity to take a stroll with a boat by the Ropotamo river. There, you can find the Ropotamo reserve, which was established in 1940 in order to protect the fragile landscapes of marshes and the largest sand dunes in Bulgaria, along with rare flora, such as the endemic sand lily. This reserve also protects more than 257 species of birds, mammals and reptiles, including 10 species of bats, white-tailed eagles, jackals and more. The Ropotamo reserve also encompasses the Thracian megaliths and the tiny Saint Toma island, which hosts the only wild cacti in Bulgaria.
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