Nature Protection Center PODA

PODA is a nature protection center located in Burgas. It is part of the 100 national tourist sites of Bulgaria. This is a place that every ornithologist should visit.

With its unique location, this area is the only one in Bulgaria, which is surrounded by three large reservoirs - Lake Burgas, Lake Atanasovsko and Mandra. Together with the sea, they provide suitable ecological conditions for a large number of birds, most of which are endangered. The city lies on one of the busiest bird migration routes in Europe, called Via Pontica.

PODA Nature Protection Center is located in the natural center of the three reservoirs. For this reason, visitors of PODA can witness over 290 different species of birds. Some of the migratory birds are songbirds, seagulls, terns, whistlers, swifts and many others. Notably, over 200,000 white storks and over 150,000 predatory birds pass over Burgas during one migration season.
Phone number:
+359 896 123 123
8000 Burgas

Work time:
9:00 - 19:00
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