Petrova Niva

Petrova Niva is a historic area in the Strandzha mountains, just 20 kilometers away from Malko Tarnovo. Petrova Niva is among thr 100 Tourist Sites of Bulgaria.It is there that between the 11th and 30th of July 1903 a group of delegates from the  Bulgarian Internal Macedonian-Adrianople Revolutionary Organization announce an outbreak and the support of the Ilinden Uprising that breaks out in Macedonia.
For 26 days poorly armed patriots have fought a 40,000 strong Turkish army. The uprising was suppressed with cruelty and a lot of casualties. In honor of the people who fought and sacraficed themselves, on the 16th of August 1958 a monument was raised at Petrova Niva area. In 2003 there was a church, called Saint Petka built as well. The museum exposition there reminds of the heroic deeds, with pictures on site, documents and exhibits.
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