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Ropotamo Reserve

Ropotamo Nature Reserve is so exotic that we compare it to a computer game. Go driving from Sozopol to Primorsko and be sure to stop near the huge beach of Arkutino. Somewhere here Strandzha is beginning to look at us with the wise eyes of ancient times.

Ropotamo is located in the lands of Primorsko and Sozopol. It was declared a reserve in 1992 for the protection of its unique flora and fauna along the coast near the mouth of the Ropotamo river. The territory has been under protection since 1940. The reserve stretches along both banks of the Ropotamo river, whose waters flow into the Black Sea.

On the territory of the Ropotamo Reserve you can find many remarkable natural sites such as the floodplain terrace with riparian  forests of the Ropotamo River, large sand dunes and a beautiful beach.

This reserve combines the beauty of the Mediterranean and deciduous forests. The Arkutino swamp is also located on the reserve, where the water lily, yellow water rose and water lentil grow.

The fauna of Ropotamo consists of over 260 species of birds, 21 species of mammals, as well as 10 species of bats and 23 species of amphibians. The most famous rocks in the reserve are the "Lion's Head", for which there are many legends, and the "Merry Rock".

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