The Museum of Salt

An interesting place worth visiting: the Salt Museum. The choice of where to be is hardly accidental. It is close to one of the emblematic lakes off the coast of the Southern Black Sea coast. Salt is vital to life, almost as much as water.

The Pomorie salt lake.

The Museum of Salt is situated in Pomorie, the ancient city Anhialo. The museum was founded on the 7th September of 2002. According to Bulgarian historians, these salt pans have existed since around the 5th century BC, which is before the founding of this city. In the past, salt was treated as valuable as gold. Because of this, these salt pans were causes of wars and arguments.

The museum in Pomorie is the only one in Bulgaria and on the Balkans, which specializes in the production of salt through sun vaporizing of sea water. There you can see ancient Anhial technology for the production of sea salt and enjoy the authentic atmosphere of the past.

It has an exposition hall and 25 decares of working salt pans. Visitors of the Museum of Salt can witness ancient techniques of salt making, a unique collection of pictures and authentic solar tools and equipment.

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+359 896 123 123
8200 Pomorie

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8:00 - 16:00 Sunday: Closed
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