Spa Tourism in Saint Vlas, Bulgaria

Saint Vlas is among those places in Bulgaria that attract tourists all year round.

The combination of a sea holiday and a healthy climate diversify the occupancy of hte hotels and guest houses and prolong the season. The former glory of the village, created by the Sanatorium for children and adults with bone and lung problems, has a positive impact and attracts people today.

As early as 1905 there was a similar sanatorium near Varna. The industrial development of the area after the middle of the 20th century forced the authorities to look for a new place. In the 60s of the XX century the specialists balneologists considered that the most suitable place for building a sanatorium was between the village of Vlas and Nessebar. Here is a great combination of sun and mountain air, which mixes with the sea.

Construction began in 1963. On October 1. 1965 5 buses, 30 ambulances and 120 children with large staff arrive. At the beginning of 1966, the adult wards were ready. The full capacity was: over 400 beds. wards for adults, children's orthopedics and children's lungs. There was also a primary school up to VIII grade, blocks of flats in the sanatorium and in Nessebar, a kitchen block and canteens, a large landscaped park, a beautiful beach.

The sanatorium was very popular in the country. The Municipality of Nessebar has established itself as a centre of major national resort and leisure business not only for summer tourism. The school at the sanatorium has been functioning under the specific conditions having in mind the diseases of the children.

Today there is no Sea Sanatorium. However, the climate is still the same.