Summer Holidays in Saint Vlas

Saint Vlas, the beutiful sea town that slowly crawls on the slopes of the near mountain, is attractive for a summer vacation.

Both, those who like luxury hotel complexes and those who prefer apart-hotels would find the place to stay in Saint Vlas. There are also suitable places for those who prefer the retro of the rooms in guest houses and the small family hotels. Too many ideas for relaxation.

Excellent infrastructure, great sea views, cool evenings and lots of entertainment - all you would like to find for holidays is here. Theres two zones in Saint Vlas, zones. The first one in which it is quiet and you can spend the night there. The second one is for the fun at max level.

The beach of Saint Vlas is about 1 km. Not very wide. In some places it is interrupted by rocks. At some places small beaches are formed - clean and maintained by the nearby hotels. The waves, once taking from the land, have now generously retreated inward, throwing fine yellow sand ashore. The bottom smoothly descends to the sea and the shore becomes suitable for play. Family vacation - this is the key phrase for Saint Vlas.

An alley is located between the hotels on the first line and the beach. The beach is pleasant and easy to access.  The beach itself is safe. Hotels and restaurants around the beach are like oases. Each with its own identity, special cocktails and menu.

Saint Vlas is completely facing south. This allows you to sunbathe from sunrise to the last rays of the sun. Then dive into the nightlife! This is the subject of another of our stories.