Yachting, Yachts and Marina Dinevi

Nowadays, looking for a place for summer holidays is easy using Internet.  There are hundreds of thousands of options. The main question is what exactly I expect and why to choose one resort instead of another.

What distinguishes Saint Vlas from other holiday destinations in Bulgaria? This is the different concept. While most seaside villages rely only on natural resources and some tuning, large-scale planning is takes place here. Infrastructure, shore protection, beach widening, modern complexes, great restaurants and coverage of the widest possible range of sea-related services.

Saint Vlas is compatible with the best places on the southern coast of Europe, starting from the Balkan Peninsula to Gibraltar. It may still be far from the super resorts, but it confidently looks like their miniature replica.

Undoubtedly, Marina Dinevi, with its official opening in 2007, provided a boost to the development of Saint Vlas to a new type of tourism - yachting. The Marina has a capacity of 300 boats. A full range of yacht operation and maintenance services is provided.

The appearance of the city has changed. The smart yachts attract the eye and fill the soul  with a pleasant feeling. It's like becoming part of a crew that has traveled thousands of nautical miles to get here. With the construction of the Marina, an opportunity was given for the development of a new type of services, restaurants and attractions. Here are chic restaurants, exotic beach bars, a five-star hotel, a casino and boutiques that you would never expect to see arround. A real coastal boulevard makes you forget that France and Monaco are so far from here.

Marina Dinevi attracted travelers to Saint Vlas. People for whom the the sea is not just a vacation - it is a lifestyle. Jump in the romance, stormy nights and carefree atmosphere of the best marina in Bulgaria!