Geography and Climate

Nessebar Municipality is located in the northern part of Burgas District. The Municipality borders Varna District to the North. The Eastern border is the Black Sea coast, which starts from Obzor and reaches Ravda to the South.

Here are some of the most beautiful resorts in Bulgaria. From a bird's eye you can see that the coast of  Nessebar Municipality is exotic and attractiv. Both new and ancient homes, small and larger modern hotels, cozy restaurants and cult discos are all over . Only a trained eye, familiar with the geography and development of Nessebar municipality can distinguish the individual towns and villages.

On the territory of the Municipality, which is about 420.4 sq km there are 14 settlements. There are three cities: Nessebar, Obzor and Saint Vlas. The villages are: Ravda, Gyulovtsa, Orizare, Tankovo, Kosharitsa, Banya, Panitsovo, Rakovskovo, Priseltsi, Emona, Koznitsa - a total of 11. The beauty of Bulgaria, the resort of Sunny Beach, is also here.

There are three main areas. The first one is along the coast - well developed with many hotels and entertainment venues. The plain zone starts to the west of the international road Burgas - Varna. It is attractive to investors, and is suitable for agricultural development and rural tourism. The mountain zone is in the northern part of the Municipality. Beekeeping, rural and spa tourism are developed here.

The climate is temperate continental with a clear influence of the sea: mild winters, cool summers. Appropriate natural and climatic conditions and the high average annual temperature are a factor that forms the sectoral structure of the municipal economy - business tourism, recreation and sports. The beach stocks of the municipality are one of the largest on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and amount to 1500 decares with a total capacity of 140 thousand beach places.

The magnificent climate, proximity to the sea and transport links have pushed the development of these once desolate villages forward. They have become attractive places for investors. 

The tourist activity is diversified: sea tourism and beach, spa tourism, rural and mountain tourism.

Old Nessebar is located on a small peninsula, the only one of its kind on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Its area is only 850 m long and about 350 m wide. A long isthmus, 10 meters wide connects the peninsula with the mainland. The emblem of the town is the old windmill, which welcomes the guests of Nessebar somewhere in the middle of the isthmus.

The new city is completely on land. It extends along the coast. To the north it merges with the resort set Sunny Beach, to the south - with the village of Ravda. To the west of Nessebar it is reached by the main road Burgas - Varna.

The two beaches, South and North, are located on the shores of the New Town. In the Old Town the coast is in places steep and rocky, with several small sandy beaches. Ports were built there, to the south - the port of Nessebar. A coastal promenade has been built right next to the coast of Nessebar, which is a place for romantic meetings and long walks.