Princesses on the beach

In the new section of our blog we will talk about emotions and associations.

The princesses. Three hotels on the first line in Sunny Beach, which deserve honorary titles.

The classic summer vacation necessarily includes contemplation. Imagine standing on the shore looking at the horizon, where the sea and the sky kiss. There is something very intimate in this moment. An emotion of first love, a slight sadness when saying goodbye, a dream to hold someone's hand while you are in front of something so great.

The very dream of these moments is the desire to choose a hotel on the first line. Between us and the sea is only the beach.

Here are the three princesses: Grand Hotel (1), Avliga Beach Hotel (2) and the heiress to the throne - Chaika Beach Hotel (3). We omit the word "complex". They stood on the shore, staring at the sea with the hundreds of eyes of tourists behind the blue windows. Blue, because the sea is reflected in them. Each hotel with its own style.

Chaika Beach Hotel (3) with the classic blue and white combination. Curiously, a hotel called Chaika was among the first to leave for Sunny Beach - in the early 60's. On the first floor was the huge apartment of the then First. Hotel Chaika is present as one of the milestones in the life of the resort. In historical articles we often find "next to Hotel Chaika", "from Hotel Chaika", "between Hotel Chaika and ....".

Grand Hotel (1) in exquisite pink-ash and glass in dark turquoise. Vision of a business hotel and at the same time - romantic.

Avliga Beach Hotel (2) seems to be nestled between the two. And this hotel has a history. Popular as one of the affordable and preferred hotels. Distance to the beach 50 m seems ... somewhere back. However, if the beach is about 25 meters, and you reach it in 2 minutes - this is a real first line. Tourists rate Avliga Beach as a hotel "different from the surrounding". It is a great combination of price, location, size, amenities, staff and food.

Between the three hotels and the sea is only an alley and a wide beach, with fine sand.

The effect is slightly spoiled by the chipboard of the shops along the alley. Without them, however, summer will not be summer.