Analysis of Season 2023 through the eyes of our partners

As the summer draws to a close, we'd like to take a quick look at the events and how they've affected the sector's overall performance. Bulgaria has not yet won its status as a year-round tourist destination, which in turn determines a distinct summer and winter season. Accordingly, the difference that occurs in the volume of work requires serious preparation from each business in order to be able to meet the demand for all services accompanying the guests' stay.
Regarding the claims of a weak summer season and reduced number of visitors, we want to share with you the point of view of Top Rent A Car as a leading car rental company in Bulgaria. Indeed, another year saw a more volatile season, which started well in May, followed by a decline in June. The reasons, according to our observations, are firstly global inflation and price increases, which brings with it greater caution among customers, and secondly unfavorable atmospheric conditions.

As you recall, there was a significant amount of rain in June, which brought with it a wave of cancellations. From July onwards, we dare to say that the trend is upward and bookings are going normally. Naturally, the bad news and rumors about the polluted waters, the expensive umbrellas and stacks along the Black Sea also do not help the industry, but we dare to say that the prominent hotels and complexes that have invested time and money in their preparation perform at the required level and our work with them continues at a good pace.
In short, we believe that in the end it will be a successful summer full of happy customers and resort life. We want to wish you a wonderful and active season from the bottom of our hearts.