MAX FIGHT K1 and 84kg champion Ali Youseir is ready for a victory over Moldovan star Maxim Zaplitny.

MAX FIGHT K1 and 84kg champion Ali Yuseir is ready to face Moldovan star Maxim Zaplitny in a rematch. The first meeting between them was for the MAX FIGHT belt in February and ended in a very close judges' decision for the Bulgarian.

After Yuseir's win, Zaplitnyi reacted with derision under a post featuring the Bulgarian and the title he won. "If he has a claim on the result, let me order a second time to show him," Ali said in a video posted by MAX FIGHT.

Before a possible fight with the Moldovan, Yuseir will have another serious test on July 20 in St. Vlas. He will face Alexandru Amaritei (Mol), who just a few days ago had a match at the big K-1 show in Tokyo. The two will face off in a headlining bout at the MAX FIGHT 59 gala.

"I pay more attention to sparring and conditioning. I've been in camp. I'm sure I'll do brilliantly," he told MAX FIGHT, "I'll tell you one thing, who doesn't like blood shouldn't come to St. Vlas on July 20 at the Amphitheater Arena."

Ali Yuseir is taking part in the traditional camp near Kamchia, which features legendary kickboxers such as Semi Schilt, Ernesto Huust, Albert Kraus and Andy Sauer. In the remaining 9 days until the fight with Amaritei he will make final adjustments, but right now he is thinking about a potential rematch with Zaplitny.

The MAX FIGHT 59 gala fight night will take place on July 20 at the St. Vlas summer resort for the 16th consecutive year.

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