The questions that concern you before leaving for Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is the most famous seaside resort in Bulgaria. Before leaving for this entertainment center, many questions often arise. We have systematized them for you along with the answers.

What is the climate in Sunny Beach?

Sunny Beach is located on the Southern Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. It has a moderate continental climate, influenced by the proximity of the Black Sea.
Summer is hot and dry. Average temperatures are 27-30 degrees C in July and August. These months are the high season in the resort, favored by Bulgarian and foreign tourists. The water temperature during the summer is between 20 and 26 degrees - pleasant for sea bathing and water sports.
Spring and autumn are mild, with relatively high average temperatures – between 15 and 18 degrees. These seasons are calm and very romantic. They offer opportunities for walks and sports in the surroundings, exploring the natural and historical landmarks in the area.
Winter is relatively mild. Again, the influence of the sea is felt. During the winter season, most hotels and establishments are closed. This fact has been changing in recent years. The reason is that many Bulgarians and foreigners have purchased real estate and spend a large part of the year in the resort as permanent residents. The trend is even more intense after the pandemic, during which people started working online.
In conclusion, we can assert that the climate in Sunny Beach is wonderful for a summer vacation and for permanent living.

How to get to Sunny Beach?

Sunny Beach is easily accessible throughout the year from various points. Usually, Bulgarians and citizens from Romania and Turkey prefer cars, while foreigners from other countries prefer airplanes.

To reach Sunny Beach by plane, you should know that the nearest airport is Burgas. It is about 30 km south of the resort, close to the city of the same name. Regular domestic and international flights are operated. From March to November, many charter flights are also organized. Several low-cost airlines have regular flights. From the airport, you can take a taxi, bus, or rent a car to Sunny Beach.
Buses to Sunny Beach depart from many cities in Bulgaria. These include Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna, Veliko Tarnovo, and Ruse. Tickets are affordable. Buses are usually comfortable and well-equipped. Many of them have routes that pass through smaller settlements.
If you prefer to travel by car, Trakia Highway (A1), which connects Sofia and Burgas, will be your choice. The Sub-Balkan road is also in very good condition. People from Northern Bulgaria choose the well-built road network to Varna, and from there, they descend to the resort via the picturesque panoramic road.
Trains in Bulgaria are used less frequently and are considered an exotic choice of transportation. There are regular train lines to Burgas from various cities. From the central Burgas railway station, you can take a bus or taxi to Sunny Beach.
Don't forget to check the current travel information and restrictions related to COVID-19 or other current circumstances before planning your trip.

What are the best hotels in Sunny Beach?

There are many hotels in Sunny Beach – both new and with traditions. They cater to different tastes and budgets. Besides the classic hotels, the resort has complexes with vacation apartments, small family hotels, and villas. In recent years, boutique hotels have become particularly popular. Our catalog includes many properties to which you can send inquiries and make reservations. A few examples are below.
Hotel Barceló Royal Beach - 5 stars, offers stylish rooms and apartments, a large swimming pool, SPA center, and several restaurants.
Hotel DIT Majestic Beach Resort - 4 stars, offers rooms and apartments with sea views, a large outdoor swimming pool, restaurants, tennis courts, and a kids club.
Hotel Helena Sands - 5 stars, features luxurious rooms, swimming pools, restaurants, a spa and wellness center, and opportunities for sports activities.
RIU Helios Hotel - 4 stars, offers comfortable rooms, a swimming pool, a restaurant, a fitness center, and various entertainment options.

This is a very short list. When choosing a hotel in Sunny Beach, preferences, budget, and the hotel's location concerning the beach are important. Restaurants and entertainment options also matter.

What are the tourist attractions in the area?

Sunny Beach is a resort with traditions. We have gathered various tourist attractions in one place, especially for our users. We suggest you choose what to visit according to your personal preferences.

What are the beach conditions?

The beach conditions are excellent.
Sunny Beach resort has a long and wide sandy strip, one of the largest on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, with a length of about 8 km. The sand is golden and fine. When entering the sea, the bottom gently slopes downward and is safe. The beach is guarded during the active hours of the day from June to mid-September. It is cleaned daily.
Umbrellas and sunbeds are located on the sand. They can be rented for a day. The large hotels have pre-purchased spots for their guests. There are bars and restaurants, fast food establishments, and sanitary facilities near the beach.
The resort has facilities for practicing water sports - jet skis, hang gliders, water skiing, surfing, sailing, water wheels. The high season for sea bathing is from June to mid-September.
These are just some of the questions our users send us about Sunny Beach. We hope we have been helpful.

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