BLUE FLAG, the international organization, confirmed that the waters along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast are clean.

The crystal-clear waters of the Bulgarian Black Sea attracts Bulgarian and foreign tourists. The sea is pure and safe. Find the joy of sea bathing without concern.

Every point of our beautiful Black Sea coast is clean. Especially proud are the 21 beaches  and one yacht harbor. They were honored with the prestigious Blue Flag award this year.

This symbol is granted after strict checks on the cleanliness of our coastline waters. It is a guarantee for the water quality.

The beaches, certified under the International Program, are subject to intensive monitoring throughout the tourist season. Every two weeks, an independent accredited laboratory takes samples of the sea water for analysis. After the studies are conducted, the results are provided to "Blue Flag" international organization.

The results show that the water is cleaner than ever. The analyses confirm it. As an independent organization, BLUE FLAG trusts an independent and established laboratory for the studies. Any publications that contradict the facts are a malicious spread of false information.

Kiril Spasov, manager of the Southern Beach in Sunny Beach, confirmed that all indicators of sea water quality meet not only the requirements of the "Blue Flag" but also Bulgarian and European standards. Spasov referred to the protocols from the latest water analyses on the Southern Beach in June, which indisputably prove this.

According to these documents, the tests on water samples conducted by the independent laboratory, show 59 units of intestinal enterococci out of 100 permissible and 46 units of Escherichia coli out of 250 permissible.