Beer, fish, charm

Summer 2021 is very very close. 2-3 more snowy weekends in March and we will smell it. When we think of summer, we - the fellows living near the sea - think of the warm evenings by the coast. These are the evenings in which the restaurants are full even when the city has got asleep.

The evenings by the sea have the aroma of sprats and beer. This classic menu that you would find in Bourgas, Ravda and Sunny Beach, or at the port of Nessebar and ... downsouth the coastal line. This menu is the same "in the beach trap" in a remote village of fishmen. We will add, that holidaymakers often do not make difference between "graza" and "tsatsa" (sprats). The Graza is simply a small horse mackerel. This cannot be known to people who have come for few weeks to the seaside hotels.

Summer is the time when the Sakar Region red wines are replaced by beer. Only in some fine restaurants the ladies continue on musk or chardonnay, vionier and perhaps other white wines. These ladies are the target of the Brewers' Union group for the Summer. Very special target. You will ask "why?"

We have received a curious piece of information issued by the Brewers' Union that could reverse consumption. It is dedicated to scientific facts that connect women and beer. We retell it in a short version.

The effect of the reasonable beer consumption ... to women. This is not about the benefits of drinking beer. The key phrase here is to reasonably limit the use of the latter.

Two mugs a week have proven result in reducing heart attacks in women and make them happier in the long run. It turns out that the key factor for the absorption of nutrients in beer is The Moderate use. When it comes to soft beer, the positive effects are even more pronounced. However, increasing the beer quantity does not reduce this risk.

Mordine in malt activates receptors in a way that has a longer-lasting effect on the "reward system". Experts specify that the substance is available not only in classic beer. It is also available in its non-alcoholic versions.

Every fifth Bulgarian woman evaluates beer as a suitable drink for her. Every second woman in our country claims to drink beer at least once a month, and 35% - at least once a week.

For women, responsibility and moderate beer consumption means one beer a day, but no more than 5 times a week.

The average frequency of consumption in our country is 4 times a month. Most often, women between the ages of 30-39 drink beer - almost 5 times a month. The consumption of 20-29 year old women is almost at the same level. In 2020, women from Varna consume beer most often, on average 5.3 times a month, followed by Ruse and Montana - 4.7 times. So far, 19% of Bulgarian women believe that beer is part of a healthy lifestyle with moderate consumption. What about Burgas? No informaion appears.

The preferences of the fairer sex for the non-alcoholic versions of the amber drink are increasing.

Women are more aware and active in the social responsibility of business, including the beer industry, than men. 35% of the ladies participate in various green initiatives, and 33% - in donation campaigns in support of needy adults and children. And for every fifth Bulgarian woman, the social responsibility of a company is important when choosing goods or services.

The Union of Brewers in Bulgaria (UPB) is the representative organization of beer producers in the country. Members of the association are: Bolyarka - VT AD, Britos EOOD, Zagorka AD, Kamenitza AD, Carlsberg Bulgaria AD, Lomsko Pivo AD, Dorovski Invest OOD.

If you want to meet these researchers and enjoy their offers, visit restaurants, pubs and sea traps. Summer 2021 is approaching. Just a few more snowy weekends.