The series about Sunny Beach will be on the screen again from February 26

From February 26, we will have another reason to smile on Friday evenings. The Sunny Beach series is back and will delight bTV viewers with the bittersweet adventures with the gang of favorites.

Fresh and romantic, the comedy "Sunny Beach" revolves around the adventures of a company of real stars. Gomez and Yvonne, Mladen and Darina will remind us of ... something. It is in this reminder that the film's success lies.

How will the relationship develop between the cocky Mladen and the "confused" girl he fell in love with? What has brought young people together in the luxury hotel in the resort? How was their life before they met? We will get answers very soon.

Let's recall the main plot of the series "Sunny Beach". It revolves around the lives of four friends employed as seasonal workers in Sunny Beach. How relevant the topic is even now, in the months of a pandemic.

Intelligent young people, and very different. Their friendship is based on trust between them, on empathy, on respect. Each has the other's back, at the risk of getting into personal trouble.

What brought them to Sunny Beach? Personal history, ambition, illusion. They work and have fun. And they prove themselves as professionals.

Will fate separate them?

The incredible young actors have already established themselves with participation in other film productions, in theater productions, as television stars. We will only mention them: Boyko Krastanov, Ivo Arkov, Yavor Baharov, Evelin Kostova, Boryana Bratoeva, Lidiya Indjova, Viktoria Nikolova, Daniel Peev.

The stories told in "Sunny Beach" sound familiar to us because they are authentic. Most spectators have been in one of the positions during their lifetime - whether as a seasonal or permanent worker, whether as an owner or manager, or simply as a guest of the resort.

The team at wishes the series team success and viewers smiles!