The new city library in Burgas has opened its doors

The City Library in Burgas already has a new, nice and cozy home. This dream has come true. Tradition and modern technological solutions enable knowledge to be visually accessible.

The first day in the new building of the Regional Library "Yavorov" will remain memorable in the history of the city. Among the first visitors of the library were the representatives of the cultural elite of Burgas, former library employees.

The new building is on the site of a former hospital. The spacious home of books and art has grown with incredible interior and exterior solutions. A place where, in addition to diving into the vast world of books, you can upgrade and update your knowledge. The youngest visitors will have fun while learning interesting and useful things.
In order to keep the tradition, all employees of the library took part in a joint photo. The historical photo will enter the annals of the cultural institution after the photo from the first sod of the new library against the background of the abandoned and crumbling former German hospital.

Anyone wishing to view the new library can do so every working day, including Saturday, from 09:00 to 17:00. In order to comply with safety measures, only a certain number of people are allowed, disinfected on schedule.

Library staff are waiting for visitors in front of each hall to guide them and tell them where everything is.

The project for the construction of the library started on August 8, 2019, when the first sod was made symbolically. Its main goal was to gather in one place the entire library fund of over 600,000 books, scattered in 4 branches of the library.