Increased demand for holidays in Bulgaria

All restrictions on travel to Bulgaria for Romanian citizens have been lifted since the beginning of June. Traditionally, they stay for a holiday in the resorts on the North Black Sea coast. Recently there was an increase in interest in Sunny Beach summer resort, Elenite Holliday village, Nessebar and Ravda towns. In addition to one-week and ten-day holiday packages, Romanians are looking for weekends, Christmas and Easter holidays.

In Romania, travel agencies reported almost three times increase in the demand for summer holidays in Bulgaria. There are several reasons for this.

Above all, the discounts offered in hotels and guesthouses are attractive. In some places, these reductions before the start of the top season reach 45-50%.

The second reason is that Bulgaria has entered Romania's green list for Covid19Safe countries. When Romanian tourists return to their country, no research is required and no restrictions are imposed. On another hand, Bulgarian authorities announced that no additional documents are required from our northern neighbors upon entering the Bulgaria, except for an identity document.

The third reason is the proximity of the seaside resorts on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast to the southern parts of Romania and to Bucharest. The road to Sunny Beach is about 4 hours. It is even less to the Northern resorts - between 2 and 3 hours. An advantage of the Southern Black Sea coast is the fact that the infrastructure is much better developed, the roads - new or rehabilitated.

According to the some travel advisors, the most visited are Sunny Beach, Golden Sands and Albena. Hotels continue to offer special offers at much lower prices than standard. The hit restaurants and clubs have already started the summer season with Grand Opening parties and world-famous DJs. Others are preparing for the start of the season between June 15 and 25. One of the big attractions for tourists is to visit a casino in Sunny Beach, where the largest gambling halls and casinos are concentrated.

Until this year, the discounts offered by hoteliers were only until the end of May. This year, with the stagnation that continues before the opening of flights from England, Germany, Russia, these reductions are extended. Nevertheless, the recommendation of major tour operators is not to wait for the last moment, and to make reservations on time.