The five most famous clubs and bars in Sunny Beach

When we talk about the nightlife of Sunny Beach, no doubt, the dance and disco clubs are at its core. The first bars in Sunny Beach appeared soon after the resort complex started its stand alone life, carefully planned by the creators. Legends abound about the Variety Bar, the Golden Apple, the bar of the Kuban Hotel, then Camelia, the Rusalka Bar - up to the era of Cocoa Beach and Iceberg. 

Today, the titans of nightlife have a different look. The sound is world class. World-famous DJs are guests. Themed parties become the top events in Bulgaria.

Hardly anyone will doubt that we have the right to start with the Giant of Cocoa Beach night parties For almost two decades, since 2003, the club has been the leader of parties. It is located on the southern beach of Sunny Beach. Roger Sanchez, Chicane, Sven Vet and Josh Wink, Danny Howells and Martin ten Welde, Tarkan have been guests here over the years. Of course the classics Viktor Kalderon and Sven Watt. We remember these events.

The Bulgarian participation is also well represented by DJ Dias, Pacho I Peppo ...
Cocoa Beach has become so popular that it has given its name to an entire beach entertainment complex.

The Grand Opening is perceived as a gong to start the summer. The emotion erupts and does not stop until the first hints of autumn.

This year's opening is on June 25 and 26, and of course Julia. The event starts late in the evening on June 30 to fall asleep with the first rays of the sun over the bay. The sun does not set in Sunny Beach. It just rises. Follow us on Facebook to stay informed.

Undoubtedly Bedroom Beach is a club about which truths are told in the form of legends. You will find it on Cocoa Beach. The capacity is over 2500 guests. Extravagant interior solutions, natural materials and lots of exotic plants. Style. Sound, L-acoustic, which means a lot to connoisseurs. You get excellent service. And a mood that only a high-class restaurant can give you.

When we comment on Bedroom Beach, this is not limited to the evenings and nights. During the day Bedroom is a natural extension of the sea and the beach, complemented by classic cocktails and ... canopy. Infinity pool, seductive as attractive as the cool sea waves.

Night is sound. The sound of waves mixed with incredible sound. Club music, famous DJs, themed parties. Evenings with champagne and wine tastings, fashion shows, Lady’s night and what not. The 2021 party in Bedroom has already started.

Club Bounce This is your place if you are a fan of hip-hop or R&B. Bounce Club is the place you go naturally. It's just that your feet take you there on their own. Whether you are at the bar or swaying to the beat of the music with a cocktail - this is where you feel at home. The mood gradates as the night progresses. At one point you feel that your voice merges with that of the artist, and everyone around you is moving in one rhythm. This is an experience you should not miss. Summer 2021 has already started in Bounce club!

La Cubanita Another pearl at Cocoa Beach. Something like an official entrance to the beach of Sunny Beach, the sea and the waves. A rush of Caribbean emotion, Latin rhythms, perfect cocktails, and it's like a swimsuit show. La Cubanita Beach Bar inspires. We expect La Cubanita Beach Bar to announce its program for the upcoming summer. For now, the place is marked as "temporarily closed".

Iceberg Club Another legend, whose program we expect for the summer of 2021. Unfortunately, in 2020 Iceberg remained one of those restaurants that did not open. A few months ago, the club's Facebook page announced that they were hiring staff, which gives hope for a good summer. An iceberg once sprang up on the site of the cult mermaid bar. If the last name does not remind you of anything familiar - ask your parents
Playa beach club has already announced that they have opened

Bar Mexo, one of the best beach bars also opened.