BULSHAM GROUP - the company that creates surfaces on tennis courts for champions

Spring is a time when our eyes and souls are transported to the seashore. In the summer, our bodies also go there. The feminine figures of the ladies and the muscular bodies of the men parade along the beach as if on a high-class catwalk.

These silhouettes are supported above all with active sports and movement. They are being sculpted somewhere on tennis courts and gyms. Accustomed to regular physical training, most beachgoers prefer to follow their regime during the summer vacation as well. For sea people, activity is a normal state.

There are tennis courts built in Sunny Beach and Burgas, Nessebar and Saint Vlas. Almost all of them work year-round. Local people and vacationers use them actively. The most gratifying thing is that more and more children are reaching for the tennis racket. It shows a new culture.

Today we will transfer you to the secrets of that business that provides the magnificent coverage on which tennis giants such as Grigor Dimitrov, Tsveti Pironkova and the Maleevi sisters have walked.

Bulsham Group is a Bulgarian company that has been creating coverings for tracks, tennis courts and stadiums for almost 3 decades. It is located only 30 minutes from the hometown of the greatest Bulgarian tennis player. Perhaps his first steps are right on the red pavement created by Galin Karagyozov and his team. We use the fact that at the beginning of the summer, representatives of the company are in the big seaside resorts to renovate part of the flooring.

From them we learned the word "fireclay". In other words, it is a coating of ground ceramic products - bricks and tiles made of high-quality baked clay. It is ground in large mills to the required fraction.

Fireclay is made only from old solid bricks and tiles, in which there are no impurities of sand and coal, but only pure red clay. This material has high plasticity, hygroscopicity and purity from harmful impurities. It spares nature and the feet of sportsmen.

Fireclay has a unique color that we call brick (brick, terracotta). This is the color of the natural red clay, in which no synthetic colorants have been used.

BULSHAM GROUP manufactures fireclay. Importantly, it doesn't just deliver the materials. It offers professional consultations, prevention and site inspection. It guarantees quality and provides support.

The fact that BULSHAM has the human resources of professionals to provide a complete solution in the construction of surfaces for tennis courts, athletics tracks and red fields for volleyball, basketball, handball, badminton is highly valued. Most high-end hotels have used their services. Sports clubs and community centers are regular customers.

As you have gathered, our people are around.

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