Contemporary arts festival "WATER", Burgas

The Southern Black Sea coast attracts local citizens and tourists with the charm of bohemian days and nights. From spontaneous guitar encounters, through jam session events, to spectacular festivals - it's all here. Life is swinging near Sunny Beach.

Decades ago, Burgas was different from other big cities. Avant-garde art was creating a special atmosphere.

The fifth edition of the Contemporary Arts Festival WATER 2022 will take place in September in Burgas. The "WATER" festival takes place in a specific environment. It transforms forgotten or unused urban areas into spaces for art and culture.

In 2022, the festival will occupy the territories of the Clock Tower of the City Station, some forgotten urban territories and uninhabited areas of the Burgas beach. It is possible to discover other unknown atmospheres.

The organizers expect to exhibit works that explore new artistic dimensions. These works will be presented in specific spaces. An innovative approach in interacting with audiences will perform.

The "Water" contemporary arts festival started in 2017. In its previous editions, more than 250 artists from Germany, France, Latvia, Hungary, Moldova, South Korea, Japan, Turkey and Bulgaria participated.

The festival is realized with the support of the National Culture Fund, Bulgaria users are strongly recommended to take advantage, during their stay in Sunny Beach hotels, to visit the Festival. The distance is about 20 minutes on the new road.