BedRoom Beach - the start of Summer 2023

Get ready for the ultimate summer 2023 kickoff party in Sunny Beach! On the 23rd and 24th of June, the DJ YAHMI, a star of the French club scene, will be guest star in  Bedroom Beach.

Sunny Beach has always been Bulgaria's party hotspot, and summer 2023 is no exception. DJ YAHMI, currently a resident at the luxury club Matignon Paris, located in the heart of Champs Elysées, is coming to Bulgaria following a series of performances in Marrakesh, Vienna, Montreal, and Luxembourg.

His music journey is truly intriguing. YAHMI's love for mixing different genres ignited at the age of 14, thanks to his father. With no prior knowledge of how to become a DJ, he began to teach himself using his father's records, turning his bedroom into an improvised studio. One fateful day, when the scheduled DJ at a local club didn't show up, YAHMI stepped in. The crowd loved his music, and soon he was the club's resident DJ, curating the music every evening.

Now, his name is on the programs of prestigious clubs in Paris, such as Mirage, Café Marly, Mademoiselle Mouche, L'arc & Boum-Boum. YAHMI says, "I can travel around the world presenting my 'musical universe', a retrospective of house music with elements of commercial hits that are favorites of most people."

Don't miss these exclusive events on June 23rd and 24th at Bedroom Beach. Hurry up as the capacity is limited!

Experience the vibe, let the music take you away, and kickstart your summer like never before! 

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