Park-Museum Vladislav Varnenchik

The Park-Museum Vladislav Varnenchik is situated in Varna – in the centre of a battlefield from the middle of the 15th century. This is a memorial complex, dedicated to the battle of 10th November 1444 for the liberation of the Balkans. There passed away the Polish-Hungarian King Wladyslaw III Jagiello, later called Varnenchik. In his honour was built a symbolic mausoleum in 1935.
In 1962, on the occasion of the 520th anniversary of that battle was opened the first museum exhibition. At the exhibition visitors can see weapons from the 15th century, found on the battlefield, documents, journals, letters and more. There are also paintings, sculptures and art dedicated to the Varna battle. On the territory of the park there are two Thracian mounds. Symbolical sarcophagi were built in honour of the fallen Christians with the medieval coats of arms of the states who fought in the Varna battle.
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blvd Yan Huniyadi, 9027 Varna

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9:30 - 17:00 Sunday and Monday: Closed
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