Regional historical museum

The Regional historical museum is situated in Varna – one of its cultural symbols. It was created in 1887. It gathers treasures and artefacts, who were gathered for decades. In the museum’s premises are kept more than 100,000 objects found in Varna and its region, along with objects from Northeastern Bulgaria. Some of the artefacts that can be found there are ceramic dishes, arrowheads, golden treasures from the Varna Eneolithic necropolis, where the found gold exceeds all the prehistoric treasures in the world from that era.
From the Thracian times, there are bronze ornaments, ceramics and jewelry of silver and gold. Artefacts from Odessos during Hellenistic era include wooden sarcophagi, bronze, silver and golden coins and remarkable golden jewelry.  Visitors of the Regional historical museum can also see ceramics from the times of the First and Second Bulgarian kingdom.
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Phone number:
+359 896 123 123
41 Knyaginya Maria Luiza Blvd., 9000 Varna

Work time:
10:00 - 17:00 Sunday and Monday:Closed
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