The Naval Museum

The Naval Museum is situated in Varna. Its history starts from 1883, initially called the Maritime Museum. In 1955 it was moved to its current building and passes under the authority of the Ministry of Defense. In the exhibition of the museum can be found over 1000 artefacts. These objects trace the chronological history of ship navigation on our lands since ancient history. The stone anchors at the museum are proof for ships from the Trojan wars and the march of the Argonauts.
Visitors of the Naval museum can see a restoration of a military sailing ship’s gun deck from the 18th century with sound effects of a naval battle for full immersion. Some authentic artefacts there are barrels of ship cannons, ship equipment, weapons and findings from the bottom of the sea. Exhibitions, that can be found nowhere else, are figures from the bows of ships, which represent their dignity.
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9000 Varna

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10.00 – 18.00 Monday: Closed
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