Aladzha monastery

The Aladzha monastery is situated in Varna – the most famous medieval rock monastery on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. It was inhabited by hermit monks around the 13th and 14th century. The name Aladzha comes from Persian-Arabic origin, meaning “colorful”. The premises of the monastery are carved into two levels of the limestone rock. A monastery church, a dining room and kitchen, a small cemetery church, a crypt and monastic cells are located on the first level. The second level has a monastery chapel.
The Aladzha monastery has an unusual architecture and a lot of legends about hidden treasures and the ghosts of monks, who haunt the ruins. This creates a mysterious atmosphere, which draws visitors in for decades. Next to the monastery there is a museum, showcasing the past of the monks. There, visitors can buy souvenirs and CD’s with Bulgarian church music.
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9000 Varna

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